Server+ Training in Bangalore


 1: Managing Server Hardware
 A: Server Components
 B: Server Power
 C: Server Cooling
 D: Asset Management
 2: Installing a Server
 A: Prepare an Installation Plan
 B: Prepare the Server Hardware
 C: Set Up the Server Hardware
 D: Install an Operating System
 3: Configuring Networking
 A: Manage Network Cabling
 B: Configure Network Interface Cards
 C: Implement IP Addressing and Network Infrastructure Services
 4: Creating a Virtual Environment
 A: Create Virtual Servers
 B: Create Virtual Switches
 5: Performing Basic Server Configuration
 A: Configure Local Server Properties
 B: Configure Server Roles
 C: Set Up IP Addressing Service Roles
 6: Administering the Server
 A: Update the Server
 B: Server Administration Access and Control Methods
 C: Create Service Level Agreements
 D: Monitor Server Performance
 7: Implementing Storage Solutions
 A: Perform Capacity Planning
 B: Deploy Primary Storage Devices
 C: Storage Technologies
 D: Configure RAID
 8: Securing the Server
 A: Configure Firewalls
 B: Configure Security Protocols
 C: Implement Intrusion Detection Systems
 D: Implement Logical Access Control Methods
 E: Implement Data Security Methods
 F: Apply Server Hardening Techniques
 G: Implement Physical Security
 H: Create Virtual Networks
 9: Planning and Testing Disaster Recovery
 A: Implement Environmental Controls
 B: Manage Documentation for the Server and the Network
 C: Create A Disaster Recovery Plan
 D: Perform Backup and Restoration
 10: Troubleshooting Server Issues
 A: Troubleshoot Theory and Methods
 B: Troubleshoot Hardware Issues
 C: Troubleshoot Software Issues
 D: Troubleshoot Networking Issues
 E: Troubleshoot Storage Issues
 F: Troubleshoot Security Issues



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Training Process







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Exam Description

Server+ covers server architecture, administration, storage, security, networking, troubleshooting as well as disaster recovery.

Length of Test

90 Minutes per exam

Passing Score

750 (on a scale of 100-900)


$319 USD