React Native Application Development Training in Bangalore.


1.What is React Native?

Abstracting React from the DOM

Advantages of React Native

React Native vs Web Apps

React Native vs React web

2.Getting Started

Installing React Native

iOS setup – XCode

Android setup – Android Studio

Run an example project in iOS and Android simulators

3.Core React Native Components

Establishing a layout with View

Displaying text with Text

Accepting user input with TextInput

Adding images with Image

Making components interactive with TouchableHighlight

Displaying data with ListView

Changing screens with Navigator

Expanding touch capability with GestureResponder and PanResponder


Issues with CSS

Inline Styles

Create Immutable style objects with Stylesheet.create

Pass styles as props

Positioning components with flexbox

5.API Integrations

Using fetch to retrieve data

Getting a user’s location and handling permissions

Accessing stored photos with CameraRoll

Adding animations


Deploying to Apple App Store

Deploying to Android Play Store

7.Authentiaction with FireBase

A Common Root Component

Copying Reusable Components

What is Firebase?

Firebase Client Setup

Login Form Scaffolding

Handling User Inputs

More on Handling User Inputs

How to Create Controlled Components

Making Text Inputs From Scratch

A Focus on Passing Props

Making the Input Pretty

Wrapping up Inputs

Password Inputs

8.Authentication Credentials processing

Logging a User In

Error Handling

More on Authentication Flow

Creating an Activity Spinner        

Conditional Rendering of JSX

Clearing the Form Spinner

Handling Authentication Events

More on Conditional Rendering

Logging a User Out and Wrapup      

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