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Data warehouse basics

OLTP SystemData warehouseDifferent Definitions of data warehouseDifference between OPERATIONAL DS AND DWHTypes of ETLData ExtractionData TransformationData MergingData LoadingTypes of Data loadingData AggregationData warehouse ApproachesTop down approach and Bottom up approachDW Life cycleDW-database designStar schema and Snow flake schemaFacts and dimensions


Types of DimensionsTypes of fact tableTypes of Olap

Informatica Power Center 10.1

Power center Administration

Informatica Power center architecture

Power center componentsETL PlanPower center ClientsDesignerWorkflow managerWork Flow monitorWorkflow managerRepository managerPower center repositoryAdministrative toolRepository servicesIntegration servicesPower center domainApplication servicesConcept of nodes and gridService managerPower center administration console

Repository AdministrationCreating Repository Users and Groups .Connecting to the Repository.Creating a GroupAssigning Privileges to a Group.Creating a UserCreating a FolderFolder PermissionsCreating FoldersUsing the designerCreating Source Tables.Creating Target Definitions.Creating Target TablesCreating a Pass-Through MappingCreating source definitionsCreating a MappingConnecting TransformationsTransformation CreationUsing TransformationsCreating a Mapping with Aggregate ValuesActive and passive transformationsCreating an Aggregator TransformationCreating an Expression TransformationCreating a Lookup TransformationConnecting the TargetDesigner Tips.Using the Overview WindowArranging TransformationsCreating the SessionCreating the WorkflowCreating a Mapping with Fact and Dimension TablesCreating a Filter TransformationCreating a Sequence Generator TransformationCreating a Stored Procedure TransformationCompleting the MappingCreating a WorkflowCreating a Link Condition.Running the WorkflowXML sources and Monitoring loadsUsing XML FilesCreating the XML SourceImporting the XML SourceEditing the XML DefinitionCreating the TargetCreating a Mapping with XML Sources and TargetsCreating an Expression TransformationCreating Router TransformationsCompleting the MappingCreating a WorkflowHow to monitor loadsUse of Workflow monitorUsing the workflow managerConnecting TransformationsCreating Sessions and WorkflowsConfiguring Database Connections in the Workflow ManagerCreating a Reusable SessionCreating a WorkflowRunning and Monitoring WorkflowsOpening the Workflow MonitorRunning the WorkflowWorkflow  TasksSessionAssignment taskLink taskEvent raise taskEvent wait taskTimer taskPost session and Pre-session commandsSession recoveryCommit pointsCreation of Parameter fileMapping and session parameterPerformance tuning in ETLVarious optimization techniquePushdown optimizationIncremental  aggregation 


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